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    Bordel je fais un topic rien que pour cette pépite!

    Jacques Attali is evil and a psychopath.

    He and his evil group of men wanted to use their own money as well as others' to destroy America with chemical and biological weapons.

    Their goal would be to destroy the human race and replace it with their own creation, the species they created.

    Why would someone think such a thing about what I do for a living?

    That's no big deal...

    They're very powerful. They're using their wealth to destroy civilization.

    They want to use the people of North America as slaves and take over their homes and businesses.

    Why the hell would they want that?

    To destroy America.

    They have already been successful with other methods.

    They've killed over 300 innocent people.

    They've stolen the property of others and sold off their family assets.

    They've caused massive crop failures, forest fires, sea level rises, and hurricanes causing thousands of deaths and devastation.

    They use their wealth to take over nations.

    I use the money I make to fight the wars and protect the freedom of all Americans -- and I'm so proud of it.

    But, one problem I have was, they would like the money to disappear... not only was the people of North America under their control, but they would like to spend it on an army of

    Oui le texte n'a pas de fin et fini en pleine phrase...sinon je jure qu'il est authentique.