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    We’re gonna need some tissues, stat! Thursday’s feels-filled Grey’s Anatomy not only included the risky surgery that was going to decide whether Catherine lived or died, it also reunited Meredith with her terminally-ill father (Shondaland fave Jeff Perry). Have you dried your eyes enough yet to read through a recap? I’ll give you a minute while I look over it again to see how many typos I made while I was choking on that lump in my throat.



    greys-anatomy-season-15-episode-25-recap-thatcher-dies-catherine-lives‘I NEED YOU TO BE MY HUSBAND AND MY SON TODAY’ | As “The Winner Takes It All” began, Catherine quietly sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” as she underwent a pre-op MRI, Richard attended an AA meeting, and Teddy found Koracick practicing for surgery with a game of Operation. “Funny bone,” he cracked. “Not as easy as it looks.” (And I am 100 percent on board with Teddy and Tom — already. Am I too easy?) Richard turned down Mer’s offer of coffee and assured her that he didn’t need her support. You know who did, though? Her father, he said, all but pushing her out the door to visit Thatcher. Shortly, Jackson rubbed Koracick the wrong way by questioning the plan that he and Amelia had laid out for Catherine’s surgery. It was gonna be a long day for the lot of ’em.

    Next thing we knew, Meredith was at Thatcher’s door. After steeling herself to ring the bell, she was greeted by her father’s aide, who recognized her at once. “Do you want to come in?” he asked. “That’s a loaded question,” she replied. Once she’d been ushered into the study, she came face to face with her father for the first time in years. Before leaving them alone, Thatcher’s caretaker reported that the patient was totally clean and sober. Still, “I didn’t come here to say anything or to hear you say anything to me,” Mer told her dad. But he was in a talkative mood — time was short, after all — and eager to discuss his wondrous journey to Zimbabwe following Lexie’s passing. “You went and got a whole new life — halfway around the world this time,” she said. And he’d forgotten all about her. OK, so maybe, just maybe she had a few things that she wanted to say to him, too.

    greys-anatomy-season-15-episode-25-recap-thatcher-dies-catherine-lives‘I WILL SEE YOU WHEN I WAKE UP’ | During a moment alone with Jackson in the O.R., Catherine recalled her nervousness the first time that she’d had a scalpel put in her hand — and the way “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” had calmed her down and restored her joy. They shared a laugh about how he’d called Diana Ross “old-people music,” and she revealed that of course she’d snuck into the gallery to watch his first surgery years ago. Then the conversation got deadly serious: Catherine revealed to her son the arrangements that she’d made, should the worst happen — and the party that she’d planned for if she made it off the table alive! Meanwhile, Koracick and Amelia couldn’t shake their uncharacteristic nerves. Tom was so off his game, he was even willing to indulge in the “word vomit” that Amelia favored. In the end, he admitted that he couldn’t lose Catherine — he’d lost enough. “So let’s not lose her!” Time for the superhero pose.